About Steve.

Steve McNitt has a Bachelor of Arts in History, a Master’s degree in Social Work, and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California for over twenty years.

He has been a Pastor, Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Psychotherapist, high school Social Studies Teacher, Coach, and Author. He has been following Jesus, studying and teaching the Bible for over forty years. He loves to be part of unveiling God’s truth with a splash of humor. He has had the privilege, throughout his career, to be able to make an impact in the lives of people in schools, churches, camps, businesses, mental health clinics, juvenile hall, and state prison (as staff, not resident). He is a father, a volunteer Young Life leader, and a volunteer for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. He has been married to Susie for over thirty years (in a row). He and Susie have two boys, both adopted, and both better looking than anything they could have produced biologically. He loves Jesus, his family, and a really good card trick. Throughout all of his life experiences, his greatest passion is for people to know the freedom and power they get when they embrace their genuine God-given, God-honoring, fully-loved-by-God identity. He has seen this happen again and again as people embrace the simplicity and enormity of God’s love for them.

Feel free to reach him at stevemcnitt59@gmail.com



Everything I Ever Needed
to Know About God
I learned in Romans 8



Ever feel like you’ve drifted away from God?

Want to (re)connect with God, but don’t know where to start?

You have come to the right place. Steve McNitt has spent a good part of his life like some waves in the ocean, drifting closer to God and then further away. Closer and further, closer and further. Does this sound familiar to you?   

For many of us, it has been frustrating because we thought God was moving away from us. It turns out that was not true. In this book you will learn what it means to get anchored in God’s love and stay secured there. As Steve says: “Everything I ever needed to know about God I learned in Romans 8. This anchor keeps me connected to him; I may drift, but I am never far from God and I know he has me tethered to his simple, enormous, love.” God wants that for you, too.

  •  God’s love is enormous: he is (and always has been) for you, he forgives you, he adopts you into his family,  your future can be way better than your past, the Holy Spirit is praying for you, and God is working out good things for you.

  • God’s love is simple: Nothing can separate you from that love. Ever.

Come along and see why Romans 8 keeps calling us to come back and get (re)connected to God’s radically simple and enormous love.

“In this book, you will learn through Steve’s own transparency how he found this simple, enormous love in his own life that then overflows to others. He makes the words of Romans 8 come alive through his own experience and then gives you steps to engage and encounter the God who loves you in the same way. God used Steve to help me experience more fully how God sees the potential in me. If your soul is seeking something more, I encourage you to read this book.”
- Jami Coffman, Executive & Leadership Coach with Imajine Unlimited and J D Levy & Associates.

“This book offers solace and hope to anyone dealing with depression, guilt, fear, or insecurity. In a style that is full of sound spiritual insights, wonderful stories, memorable illustrations and comedic wit, Steve McNitt provides an exposition of one of the most compelling chapters from the Bible (Romans 8). Reading this book is therapeutic, healing, comforting, and will leave you brimming with hope.”
- Rich Brandt, Managing Partner, RDR Group

“Let them see that this is your doing,
that you yourself have done it Lord."

Psalms 109:27

Just think of the invincible, unconquerable, and untiring patience of Jesus, who lovingly says, ‘Come to me...’
— Oswald Chambers


SUpport Students - Send one to camp!

I hope you enjoyed the book. I wanted you to know that you are helping to spread this message of hope. Ten percent of the proceeds of this book will go to sending young men and women to Young Life camps to have some adventure and what promises to be the best week of their lives. During that week they will get the chance to hear how much God loves them and wants the best for them. Thank you for helping to make that happen.

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